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Myself Nadar Muthukumar i did my second mates function from MASSA Maritime Academy Chennai on february batch
I would like to inform you that I have cleared my second mates writtens and orals in first attempt and would like to give a review about the institute
I cleared my second mates writtens and orals in first attempt, a heartful thank you to MASSA Maritime Academy Chennai for the wonderful learning experience i had in the course of heading into my second mates
A well organised and managed team of faculties and infrastructure, the faculties here are very helpful and always motivative, even after the official working hours they are always there to clear our doubts and investing extra time on us and provided us with separate class rooms for those who wanted to stay back and study, Library facility were  good with all the necessary books
Some of the faculties i would like to address
*Capt S Somasundaram
Subjects: SOP(Stability) and BWK(ROR)
he made it very simple to understand stability by giving a very clear view of the topics and ROR he teaches in such a way that it will be forever registered in our head giving a clear view of the rules and situations we expect to be facing while at sea, my ROR was one of my strong pillar which gave me more confidence while appearing for my orals.
*Capt Anand Williams
Subjects:TCN(Chart Work and some topics on Practical Navigation) and Cargo work
He made chartwork fun to learn and easy to understand. He gives extra attention and help for those who need. A very affable person and easily reachable whenever stuck in some topics, after class hours he was always available to reach.
He gave a very clear view of basics which helped me alot when going ahead.
*Capt R Vasudevan
Subjects: BWK and Cel Nav
He is very good in teaching bridge equipments and bridge procedures which gave me more deep idea on those topics
*Capt T P Venkateswaran( visiting faculty)
Subjects: Cargo work and SOP
The flow chart system which he follows for teaching Conventions and Codes is really the best way to learn the convention and codes without any confusions
A very clear picture of understanding the cargo work in a very simplified manner
*Cdr. R. Venkatesan ( visiting faculty)
Subject: Meteorology
He gave a very deep understanding of Meteorology and spent extra time and effort on us.
*Mr. S.S.R. Wayte ( visiting faculty)
Subject: Ship Construction
Every part of ship construction was excellently covered by him giving a clear view of the subject
The other visiting faculties were really good and showing interest on each individual student
I am really thankful to this Team of MASSA Maritime Academy Chennai in carving me into a better knowledgeable person.
I will strongly recommend Massa Chennai to all my friends and colleagues and the to all my fellow seafarers who are reading this review
Mr. Nadar Muthukumar

Have completed MEO Class – II Preparatory and cleared writtens at 1st attempt. All faculty were exceptional and experienced. Class room environment were suitable for studies. Power point presentation on various topics were useful.

Mr. Murali Jayaraman

I did my MEO Class – II Preparatory in MASSA, Chennai. Since the quality of education is very good, I chose to do MEO Class – I Preparatory here .

Mr. Venu Veluchamy

Very well experienced trainer, clarified all existing doubts, great interaction with trainer, course was framed to the point, very interactive sessions felicitating exchange of views, etc

DPA course candidates feedback

I did MEO class – II preparatory, Engine room simulator and Upgradation course for engineer here.

The engine room simulators is designed in superb way and are very helpful in understanding practical part of engine room.  With experienced faculties the overall experience in MASSA is good.

Mr. Thangaraj Karthikeyan

I have completed RANSCO. Course was conducted at well planned manner.

Mr. Nischith Shetty

I chose to do ASM after receiving lot of great reviews about this academy. Lectures delivered by all faculties was to the point and queries were explained in great details. So, I did my Ship manouvering simulator & Bridge teamwork course also here. The simulator was designed to get realistic experience of various situation.

Cleared ASM orals in 1st attempt, thanks to all lecturers

Mr. Pramod Vigneshwar Premnath

Completed my 2nd mate course, after that did ROSC & ARPA also with MASSA, Chennai. Individual attention was given to each candidate.

Mr. Gaurav Achal

I did Ship security officer. Power point presentation in class and course notes provided was good.

Mr. Rajendran B Sathoshraj

I did MEO Class – I and MEO Class – II, Preparatory in MASSA, Chennai

Thank you (Mr. Patro) for being by far the most helpful and understandable professor that I have had during my classes. I took all of the sections very seriously with regular attendance.After clearing my written in my first attempt,I felt this is because choosing the right institute made me comfortable with my preparation ,You are the kind of a professor who raises the bar substantially .Please continue to spread this feeling to other students in your future years.


I have completed Chief mate, Phase 1 and will be doing Chief Mate, Phase – II also in MASSA, Chennai.

It was great learning experience . Whenever we needed to clarify our doubts all faculties were happy to help us.

Ms. Minakshi Kumar

I did ASM course in MASSA, Chennai. Classes taken Capt. Somasundaram and other facuty was very good. It helped me to clear writtens in my 1st attempt.

Mr. Vakalapudi V V Satyanarayana

I have completed 2nd mate course in this academy. Lectures by all faculty was very informative. Coaching by academy was helpful when I gave my MMD exams.

Mr. R. Chakkravarthy Robinson

Currently doing Chief mate, Phase 1 and will do Chief mate, Phase 2 also in MASSA, Chennai. Apart from the great lecturers by all faculty, orals and written exams preparation is very good here. All faculties are approchable so doubts are cleared without delay.

Mr. Karthikdasan

Completed upgradation course for engineer , earlier had done MEO Class – II Preparatory with MASSA, Chennai. Got my COC upgraded through academy in short time and it was hassle free process.

Mr. Prabu Meganathan

After completing my MEO Class – I Preparatory, did Diesel engine combustion gas monitor simulator course. Simulator exercises was very useful.

Mr. Merbin Sharma Chellappa

After completing my MEO Class – I Preparatory, did Diesel engine combustion gas monitor simulator course. Simulator exercises was very useful.

Mr. Merbin Sharma Chellappa

I did my MEO Class – IV Training Module as per my company instruction. Course was conducted in planned manner and its has enhanced my knowledge in a great way.

Mr. Yuvaraja Muthu

It was for the  expert faculty and great quality of eductaion standard maintained I chose to do Chief Mate,

Phase 2. It was great experience and would recommend others to join and get benefitted.

Mr Kandula Chaitanya

I have completed RANSCO , Refresher & Upgradation course for deck officer. The lectures are of high standard including that of Visiting faculty. The course notes provided was very useful.

Mr. Jai Prakaash Sree

I joined Massa on the 1st of December, 2015 and completed my MEO Class – II, preparatory course by the 31st of March, 2016. I started giving my MEO Class 2 exams in June, 2016. In my first attempt I cleared all my written papers and function 6 in oral examination. In my second attempt, on the 25th of August, 2016 I cleared the three remaining functions and thus, cleared Class 2.Massa and its faculties have played a major role in brushing up my basics. The flexibility of learning is an added advantage. Looking at the results Massa is delivering, I personally know a few more people getting inclined to the idea of joining Massa. I am also willing to do what is best to encourage the current students aspiring to become second engineers.

Thanks to Mr. Patro, Mr. Ravindran , Mr. Thirumalai sir and Capt. Bharadwaj . Many thanks to all of you for your blessings. I will personally thank you all at Massa .

Mr. Chockalingam Ganesh